Both Steve McNallen of the AFA,  and Joe Bloch from Jon Upsals Garden have responded to criticism, by myself and others, of McNallen’s now infamous freikorps comment:


Both of them are under the strange impression that I am criticizing the call for Germans to defend themselves. Allow me to clear that up here, loudly and publicly.

The recent attacks on German women are horrendous, it is my belief that all people regardless of creed, sex, or skin tone should and do have the right to defend themselves against violent assault.

No one I have talked to is upset that Steve called for Germans to defend themselves, because that isn’t what he did. What has tarnished the reputations of both Steve and his supporters is the invocation, and later whitewashing, of a band of murderous reactionary militants.

Joe labels me a Social Justice Warrior who is willing and happy to ignore the counterparts to the Freikorps, that being the equally violent murderers and terrorists who made up the communist militias. Steve appears to think that the criticism he has received is out of some “Political correctness” drive. My political background is irrelevant. However, what is relevant is the facts, which, so earnestly glossed over, speak for themselves.

  • 3300 Latvian citizens murdered for suspected bolshivek sympathies.
  • The extra judicial execution of 50-60 prisoners a day
  • An attempted coups in the 1920’s
  • Anti-Slavic Racism a recurring  theme.

It wasn’t the Bolsheviks, Sandinistas, or the IRA that Steve  waxed nostalgic for, it was the Freikorps. There was no need to criticize the atrocities of a leftist terror group, he called for one by name. In his most recent response to criticism he again brings up his work in Asia, specifically Tibet and Myanmar, and good for him. A man is his deeds and if he truly stood with the oppressed and downtrodden peoples of those countries that is a great deed, it does not render him immune from criticism, and certainly doesn’t validate his position on the Freikorps.

Here is what I think a modern Freikorps would look like. Germany currently has a population of about 82 million people. 9 million of those residents are immigrants.If we assume that about 1% of the population mobilized against the immigrants you end up with 82,000 people who are ready and willing to take up arms against a nebulous threat that hides amongst the population. 82,000 people with no one to hold them accountable, 82,000 people armed and angry.

What do you think that’s going to look like? Do you think this will go the way of the Bundy militia? A bunch of men sitting around in the cold showing impotent frustration against the government? I doubt it, as the issues in Germany are far more real than some affluent ranchers complaints about imagined tyranny. The Freikorps has a history of extreme violence; do you think the young  men who clamor to that banner will be content to look scary? No, they will be itching for a fight (I’m surprised Steve ignores this as both a veteran and a former Mercenary he should be well acquainted with this simple reality). When that violence happens it would sweep across the streets of Berlin, Frankfurt, and Munich. Then there will be violence on three  sides, for the state will have no choice but to intervene.

That’s what movements like the Freikorps invite: chaos, violence, and death. Not the gang violence of the inner city, but armed insurrection. These groups never remain pure to their twisted code of honor , the IRA, for example, sells drugs to keep its coffers full; the Sandinistas too. Every  group engaged in insurrection eventually becomes a mangled mirror of the fear that inspired their formation. Perhaps worse though is the thought calling for this isn’t even a German citizen, it comes from an outlander.

Heathenry is tribal by nature. There is no AsaPope, no Dear Leader, but rather it is up to each tribe, kindred, Aett, and hearth to establish their own thew, its own way of doing things. We may do things similarly, but the individual tribal ways are sacred and unique to those tribes. It is up to each tribe to solve its own social, political, and religious troubles. I have seen McNallen make the argument that we, as outsiders, should let the Native Americans control their own destinies, and that Asatru should remain outside the over culture, separate from it in every meaningful way so that the “outsiders” will not have undue influence our ways. Yet for some reason Steve thinks that his opinion, as an outlander, on matters of internal German policy, has worth and merit. I have family in Germany, I have actually lived in Germany, and my dad lives there now. Yet my opinion on German policy is simply without worth because I am not German. Just like Steve, I am an outlander, and as such I should keep my opinions on the internal issues of Germany to myself.

But I am a Heathen. And as a Heathen, I feel the need, and have the right, to speak on topics of heathen interest.  Some may state that as a private citizen, Steve has the right to express his opinion.  Well, as a private citizen, he does have that right.  But Steve is the leader of a national organization and looked to by people I have respect and admiration for.  Steve doesn’t have the luxury of having a private opinion.  The fact that I am having to respond to not only Steve, but also those who follow him only serves to underscore my point: Steve is a leader, and as a leader, needs to be careful of what he says.  Steve also wishes to capitalize on that leadership position to be heard, not only to other heathens, but also as a broker for heathen values and a voice for heathen people to the greater culture. And, as heathens, we have the choice to be quiet and let Steve speak for us, or to stand up and say no, we don’t agree with this. Well, I don’t, and I know I speak not only for myself in this, but for the staff at Heathen Talk, that we believe your words were out of line.



Steve, let’s call this an open letter. I don’t want your apology, I want you to be honest and own your statements and words. I don’t want you to conform to my idea of heathenry. I have nothing against folkish heathenry. I want you to keep up with the rest of heathenry, learn with and from the rest of us. There are exciting things happening in heathenry right now, and a lot of growth is going on, so don’t miss it.

We have all heard from many sources about your time as a Soldier of Fortune, fighting for the Tibetans and the Karens, we get it.  But that does not excuse your comments. You did not call for the defense of Germans by Germans. What you did was wax nostalgic for a group of men that provided One Hundred and Ten SS and SA officers, including Rudolf Hoes and Heinrich Himmler. You are too smart for that to have been a slip of the tongue. Call me P.C.,  call me a SJW if that makes you feel better, but only one of us is mourning the absence of the group that gave rise to Heinrich fucking  Himmler.

Your words have have ruined the good will others bought for you with their own hard work. You took the positive influence you were in my own life,  and tainted not only by your words but by the immaturity and viciousness of those who follow you and who can’t see the wrong in what you said. When I became a heathen, you were the first heathen leader I found, and I devoured everything you had published on the internet. You were partially responsible for waking up a fervor in me, one that drove me onward, to other sources and new ideas of what Heathenry is.. Your insistence that Asatru was the “native religion of the northern european people” kept me searching for more and more; for a better Heathenry, Because of you I found tribe, and am close to man who calls you friend. It is that same drive that made me speak up, that same drive that made your words intolerable. The drive to protect my folkway from the association with Nazism that you only strengthen when you say such ignorant things. The drive to protect my folk when you encourage the resurrection of a violent terrorist group. I do not want my baby sister growing in a Germany torn apart by sectarian violence, a Germany, left  to the mercy of your precious freikorps, is what your words portend. So no Steve, I don’t want you to apologize, it wouldn’t do any good! Rather I want you to stop excusing your own ignorant words as some sort of passion for the defense of a people who are not your own!. For the sake of my family I want you and those like you to keep your ideologies off their shores. If there is a solution to Germany’s problems, it must come from Germans, not in the form of Americans idealizing  a half remembered, historically irresponsible idea.

So, Steve. Here we are. Perhaps I misunderstood you.  Perhaps I am wrong.  Tell you what.  Why don’t you come on the show, and discuss it with us.  Just me and you, having a discussion on this topic.  Consider this an open invitation.



Josh W.

Heathen Talk Founder.

Posted by Josh

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  1. How do you purpose Germany defends itself? More tolerance? Peace love and understanding? This is a culture clash that has already become violent with many innocent victims and will end in death. It is the inevitable reality. It will not be a peaceful fight at all. One side has already made that clear by attacking citizens of their adopted countries. Lets not forget that after the attacks in France upon raiding mosques, caches of weapons were found.
    Hopefully PIGIDA and Génération Identitaire stay the course and bring the fight to these scum that wish nothing less than cultural genocide on the west.

  2. Ha, the world isn’t peaches n cream. This is one sided and we should fix it. Violence is part of our lives, as “heathens” our ancestors embraced it! Now himmler? Ha, incompetent hacks like you think everything is hate speach, white woman are targeted and raped. Hopefully it happens to someone you love, just so you can maybe, just maybe comprehend what is going on. Till then, hit the fucking stair master, your a joke among folk…

  3. The Freikorps were the German militias active after WW1 till about the mid/late 1920’s. These people, all of them German WW1 veterans, weren’t exactly angels, but it’s simply not fair to describe them as bloodthirsty murderers when all they ever did was defending their country from internal enemies and foreign occupation forces, something the official German government of the day failed to do.
    Why aren’t similar groups emerging today in Germany’s hour of need? Because Germans have lost pride in their country and heritage decades ago and unlike back in the 1920’s, modern Germany has now some of the strictest gun control laws of the world.

  4. I’m glad you have a website to spew your leftist crap on….. You are truly a worthless human being who has lost your ancestral soul. Please stop acting like you are a true Heathen and for the love of our people stop acting like you speak for a segment of our population. People like you are the reason that others see us as weak and make our struggle that much harder.
    Hail Stephen! Hail Germany and the Germans who have stood up for themselves!

  5. Wow, this certainly brought out the fearful. Racism is cowardice, plain and simple. Love of “your people” should mean all people. Calling for the return of vigilantes and murderous thugs helps no one, especially the raped. And until YOU have been sexually assaulted, you don’t get to tell them what kind of vengeance they have to take. Please stop pretending like you cowards speak for the majority of heathens; you don’t. You’re an angry minority terrified of anything different and I pity you.
    Good job, Josh.

    1. I didn´t speak as a heathen i spook as a husband of a raped wife (some gears ago by Mideasterners) .
      I am not afraid, i am sad and angry. My wife by the way is afraid of going outside alone after dark.
      I don´t condone racism. I get angry when we discuss this and call each other names .
      Hate won´t solve this, but some kind of force is necessary.
      I work and live along MENA people and many of them are really great persons.
      Racism against native swedes is rampant and the “fear” among us is growing .
      I do what a can to protect my family.
      This is not a simple problem.
      Why does words hurt more than reality fore some

  6. I won’t say that I disagree that there isn’t a serious crisis and that there is legitimate reason to question the veracity of “background checks” on the migrants / refugees. I won’t say that the refugees don’t have an obligation to fit into their new host country because they most certainly do and there are some (a wonderful rhetorical term that requires no real numbers to be stated but can mean just about anything) that refuse to. I won’t say that there aren’t criminals who need to be dealt with. It is, however, absolutely repugnant to respond to these issues with racism and vigilante violence. That is not a solution, that is an escalation. There will always be idiots and hot heads who want to hurt people because they are different from them and that terrifies them. They cannot be allowed to carry the day. Down that road is ruin to our peoples, not their preservation and protection. Where is the call for violent, race-specific targeting of criminals by vigilantes when it comes to white German nationals? In Nov. 2015, the German police specifically stated that immigrants commit fewer crimes than the average German citizen. Less than 1% of crimes committed by refugees were sex crimes. The call for violent, racially targeted vigilante action, specifically the invocation of notoriously violent paramilitary groups, serves no other purpose than to inflame racist beliefs and goals. People have a right to defend themselves. They do not have a right to assault others they think might do something some day.

  7. I can certainly relate to what you’re saying about goodwill and public image. I wanted to be a heathen for years but was unable to reconcile my personal anti-racist beliefs with the occasional eruptions of pseudo-Nazi bile from some people and organizations. It took me a long time to find the courage to forge my own path and decide to follow what feels right no matter that I manage to piss off everyone of every political agenda (my left-wing friends think that I belong to a skinhead cult, while the right gets pissed because I’m NOT interested in being part of a skinhead cult).

    As an example of how to not gain good will, I live in Virginia, where several white supremacists claiming to be heathen were recently arrested while trying to start a “race war”.
    Read the commentary and see how badly our religion is being portrayed. Gods forbid people read that article and then google “asatru” and run across McNallen’s comment. That would be goodwill and tolerance for our religion running away screaming. With criminals claiming our religion (and this case in Virginia is not isolated, unfortunately), I think public figures (and even private heathens) should be very careful to make it clear that we want no part of criminal actions. Bringing up the Friekorps is not a good way to reassure people that we are not skinhead criminals. I

    Finally, as a woman, I am terrified by the idea of gangs of ex-mercenary, Nazi-white-washing militia types walking around my neighborhood. I’ve worked in construction and other male-dominated fields and never been super worried about assault. But militia types wandering around? HELL NO

    As a last thought, thanks to Ale Glad for injecting some facts and reason into what was turning into a hate-fest.

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