Dear Auntie Helga,

What is the best way to explain to un-Heathen family and in-laws that our new baby really isn’t a full human being for first couple of weeks to a year of their life?

New Dad in Dallas

Dear New Dad,
Explaining the intricacies of the Heathen soul to non-Heathens is a tricky task. You can go with the historical approach of the practicality of sometimes having to expose an infant in order for the rest of the tribe to survive, but that may only serve to horrify your non-Heathen audience. They may also fall asleep if you give them the multi-part soul theory. Therefore, you are going to need to exercise some tact and discretion, especially with family in order to maintain good relationships with those who aren’t Heathen.

If you are planning a naming ceremony, it might be wise to simply explain it as such – the ceremony officially names the child, and welcomes him in as a full member of the family. It is often easier to explain this than to explain that an infant does not possess his complete soul at birth, since the naming ceremony imparts in him or her his Main or Luck and is seen as official acceptance by the family.

If you absolutely must explain the soul, a simple explanation might be similar to this:
We believe that the soul within us grows over time. Just like how a child develops skills likes reasoning and speech over time, we believe the soul develops over time and changes depending on how the child is raised.

Good Luck!
Auntie Helga

Dear Auntie Helga,
When will we stop playing this game, Helga. My heart yearns for you. Please be my 3rd wife.

You will have to fight Sven for the honor.


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