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One of the most common requests in this sub is “are there any Heathens in XYZ?” When you are in a minority religion that doesn’t often have formal meeting places, it can be intimidating to find others. However, it is not impossible or even terribly hard once you know your resources and how to search.

The first step you should take is to search Facebook, Google, and Bing for “Asatru (Placename)” and “Heathen (Placename)” Most organizations, mine included, have some sort of Facebook presence, either a page or group. In Arkansas, we have at least 3 regional groups as well as one kindred that are easily found on Facebook. Make sure you also do a search for more regional terms like “Midsouth” or “Cascadia.” Many groups also have a website help you connect with them.

The second step is to contact regional representatives of national organizations. The Troth calls them stewards and the Asatru Folk Assembly calls the Folk Builders. Both of these people usually have their finger on the pulse of Heathen events and groups in their area. The Asatru Alliance has a kindred list, but I am not sure how up to date it is.

There are other places that you might find Heathen event and group listings as well, including Meetup.com, Yahoo Groups, and several maps including the Worldwide Map of Asatru and Heathens (which isn’t updated often) and this subreddit’s map which is user updated. Heathen Talk maintains an event list as well. There are still some kindreds on Witchvox, which is a general Neo-Pagan clearinghouse.

If you have done all of this and are still coming up short, I suggest starting a group. Members of this sub have had great success with Meetup.com and Facebook.

Now, go be Heathen.


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Posted by Lauren

Lauren is one of the hosts of Heathen Talk and holds the title of SHMBO of Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas. She prides herself on being able to leverage Heathen Talk into getting hired at her dream job.

Website: http://www.accessibleheathenryproject.org

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  1. National orgs are inherently *un-Heathen*, unlucky and of little worth. As superficial as it sounds, social media can actually do a better job at connecting like minded people with a specific praxis.

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