Do you love podcasts? Are you crazy about Heathenry? Think you are a master at social media? Heathen Talk Network is looking to hire a summer intern with just those qualities.

This is an exciting opportunity for someone interested in either podcasting or Heathenry to get a first hand look at the operations of Heathen Talk Network. You will learn the fundamentals of audio editing, podcast network operations, social media management, and content production.

We will be honest – the job is unpaid, but we are happy to work with your educational institution to get you college credit, and we promise to hook you up with tons of swag.

The internship will run from May 31-August 10, and may be extended if you are awesome.


  • A current high school or college student
  • Basic knowledge about Heathenry and Heathen culture
  • Basic research skills
  • The ability to work independently
  • A desire to learn and work with a team



  • Knowledge of audio and video editing.
  • Knowledge of Google live hangouts
  • Photo editing skills
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Publisher

Interested? Please email your resume and cover letter to

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