The Asatru Folk Assembly is a pustulant cancer on the body of heathenry, and must be excised.

A little direct? Well, I thought I would return the favor. After all, they’ve recently been very direct with the rest of us in their statements on their organization’s feelings about race and gender normativity.


This isn’t the first time, either. In January, while still under the leadership of Steve McNallen, this appeared in their social media… A call for the return of the precursors of the Nazi’s to rise up in Germany.


These are just a couple of examples of a long history of precedent concerning the underlying worldview of the AFA.  But why should I care? Why should YOU care? After all, I’m not a member of the AFA. I’ve spoken publicly, many times, about my disdain for them. And, indeed, my disdain for all of the national organizations. I think they do more harm than good. I think they encourage, not by design but naturally through their existence, people to remain without tribe. I think they, intentionally or not, end up encouraging the view of the organization as the reality of the religion. However, I’m not about to sit here and try to lump them all together and say they’re all bad… Not when one among them is so truly and utterly dangerous and despicable.
No, what I’m here to talk about is why YOU should care about this one, and what I think you should do about it.

One of their common defenses to their words is that they’re their beliefs, and shouldn’t concern us. That we should leave them be to believe how they will. They will talk about tribal thew, and that others are free to do what they want. Well, yes, of course we are. No one questions that. And I probably wouldn’t be raising such a stink about a tribe that had views like this, or a small group of some sort. But when a group is like the AFA, a national organization, one that is among the top Google results for Asatru, one that has routinely set itself up as an authority on Asatru and Germanic paganism, well, those arguments no longer apply. Because now what you do affects me.

It affects the perceptions of the world as it comes to my religion. When people look up my religion because their curious, your horseshit, AFA, is what they’re seeing. Your racist rhetoric. Your reinterpretation of the 14 Words. People commenting on your articles and signing off with “1488”. People who are looking into this and turning away because of your bullshit, or trying to learn more about me and getting a VERY wrong idea.

And it only gets worse from there. It’s not just about personal social consequences. Some people can face career consequences from this. The racist and homophobic dickbaggery of the AFA causes problems for some of the very people they claim they care about… The Warriors of our culture.

That’s right, the military.

There has long been a fight to get Asatru recognized by the Military in the United States. I could fill a few paragraphs with anecdotes about my personal experiences as a heathen on active duty, but I thought this topic deserved something a bit more legitimate. So I reached out to The Open Halls Project for comment.

“We think this will have a negative impact upon the drive to help military heathens gain recognition for their faith.

The Open Halls Project offers support to any heathen military member, family member, or veteran that requests our assistance. However, as an organization we retain the right to choose not to work with individuals or organizations that take action or make statements that are in opposition to our By-Laws or the UCMJ.”
-Open Halls Project Co-Directors

I have to agree. Of course it will have a negative impact. Why? Because of that last bit… Taking action or making statements that are in opposition to the UCMJ. That would be, for the non-veterans reading this, the Uniform Code of Military Justice. The thing every serviceman must live by. Among the things it dictates are standards of equality. Now we have a group, a large and influential group, one looked at as an authority and a voice for Asatru, claiming that it’s values are in direct opposition to the rules that servicemen must live by. How, exactly, is that supposed to go? I’ll admit, I was a bit angry when one of the heads of the AFA took that massive steaming dump on their keyboard, but when the implications for the acceptance of Asatru in the Armed Forces became apparent to me… Well, let’s just say that despite what I’ve left in this article, you should see what I’ve left out.

So, let me say this to the AFA: You have shit on my religion for the last time. Your racially exclusive peckerwood fuckery will no longer be tolerated. Your neo-victorian heteronormative ignorance will no longer be tolerated. Not by me, not by the tribe I lead, not by anyone I call friend, and not by anyone I or we associate with. You don’t get to hide behind rhetorical backdoors about it being your way, or your beliefs anymore. That trick doesn’t work when you pretend to be a religious authority. To put it a little more crudely, if you walk into my neighborhood with your dick hanging out where my children can see, don’t be surprised when I introduce it to my boot. Your sole purpose in existence is to stand as an example of what is wrong with the world. Not just in Asatru, but in the world in general. You will begin to serve as the red flag waving to tell me someone is yet another Nazitru fuckstick, worthy only of mockery and derision. Even the word Asatru has been poisoned by your twisted attempts to justify your fear and hatred of that which is different with theology. I stopped using Asatru a long time ago, but had accepted it as a synonym for heathenry. That’s done now, too. I’m not Asatru… I’m a heathen. To put it in a term that might tickle your Nazi fetish, you’ve just become verboten.

That said, I now have something to say to the rest of you out there.

Join me. Join us. The AFA has drawn a line in the sand. I ask you to accept that line, and stay on this side of it. I ask you to repudiate the AFA in every way possible. Cut all ties. Sever any association. In my tribe, I made a statement that we would have nothing to do with the AFA, nothing to do with any member tribe, nothing to do with any member of the AFA who declares their tacit support of the rhetoric they spew through continued association. My tribe, Stone Shore Forn Sed of Seattle, WA, was not the first to do this, and I’m sure we won’t be the last. And I urge you to join us in this. Join us in this publically. Tell the world that this is not heathenry, that this is not what we stand for, that this is not part of our worldview. That the AFA is not of us. Because there comes a point when silence must be treated as agreement for the good of those standing against. Make your voice heard, and do not let the vile and diseased elements of this world set the narrative of your beliefs.

~Thorin Ruriksson
    Chieftain, Stone Shore Forn Sed
    Host of Heathen Talk

Posted by Thorin

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  1. As the leader of Hawk’s Hearth kindred in Olympia Washington, I support your stance 100%. I began some months ago distancing myself from the label of Asatru for various reasons, but I think you are right…I think it has been sullied beyond repair. I and mine will go forward as Heathens. We join you in your repudiation of the AFA.

  2. YES, thank you. The language in this post might be a little strong, but it’s entirely warranted and I agree wholeheartedly. Even my wife, who pretty much stays off the internet and out of drama, is upset with the AFA. We’re with you.

  3. Actually I consider the AFA far too tolerant myself. Odinia International would not only not allow homosexuals and non Europeans to join us but we also exclude Christainized anti-Europeans such as yourself.

      1. Really? I am sure you are far better at grammar than an Oxford educated scholar with a textbook contract and far more “intelligent” as well. By all means correct it!

      1. Nationality is irrelevant to race, tribe, and religion. If one is a Swedish person living in Japan one is still Swedish, and is one is a Japanese person living in New Zealand, one is still Japanese. Those of European blood are part of the Nation of Odin.

        1. “Those of European blood are part of the Nation of Odin.”
          For some reason I suspect the pope and 2,000 years of history say otherwise. You don’t have a nation, by your own definition. I have a religion of Asatru. Maybe you do, but what I see in your actions are merely a political stance.

          1. Yes indeed, the Pope would disagree because the Christian cult is cultural Marxist and universalist… but no tribal, ancestral, Heathen religion (of any race) is universalist. My stance is tribal, and our tribal worldview is the basis of our religion, while yours is Christian and universalist, and you stand in support of agendas that are diametrically opposed to the traditional beliefs of our native religion. The Nation of Odin, see, is one of blood, not nationality. I do not mean to be unkind to you or insult you, but you really do not seem to understand that Heathen religion is not based on the same beliefs as Christianity.

    1. And what’s your non-Christian reason for not allowing homosexuals? The Vikings, like most other cultures, didn’t have a big problem with homosexuality. You were just expected to marry and have kids to carry on your family name. What you did outside of the for your own personal tastes was your business. So you have no reason other than Christianization to reject homosexuals. Fucking hypocrites.

      1. Our Odinist ancestors bogged homosexuals actually, and they most certainly did not have homosexual “marriage”. In Greece, homosexuals were stripped of citizenship and most other rights and if they violated the restrictions put on them, for instance by stepping on the holy land of a sanctuary, they were killed because they were considered abominations. The cold blooded, souless idea that one was just supposed to marry and have kids and that it did not matter if one was heterosexual or not is a completely modern effort- a lie made up by homosexual men to make homosexual behaviors, such as using a woman as window dressing, appear acceptable, moral, and normal when of course, it is none of these things. Christians not only cooperate with homosexual “marriage” but allow their children to be raped by Chrstian priests in droves without even taking vengeance as honor demands. Suggesting that our religion is traditionally pro homosexual is ludicrous.

        1. “In Greece, homosexuals were…” Your Nation of Odin needs some knowledge of the lore. Ergi was a problem for only the receiver as being “unmanly”. You want citations? No greek required.

          ” a lie made up by homosexual men to make homosexual behaviors” Please, regal us with your deep and personal knowledge of the homosexual with your indepth studies (and not personal hangups).

          “Christians not only cooperate with homosexual “marriage”” Not sure what planet you are talking about but it ain’t this one.

          “Suggesting that our religion is traditionally pro homosexual is ludicrous.” Suggesting that “our religion” should take it’s cues from Rome and Greece is crazy pants. Try reading a book or two on the religion that you claim to practice.

          1. Claiming that it was only the “female” male homosexuals who were looked down upon is a wholly unsubstansiated modern claim made by homosexual academics who are trying to alter history to suit their agendas. It has no basis in reality or history.

      2. According to Tacitus, the punishment for homosexuality and other sexually immoral behaviors (adultery, premarital sex, fetishism) among the Germanic peoples was death by strangulation and/or deposition in a bog.

  4. For those that want the structures and resources of a big national org, but want to renounce the AFA (for all the reasons beautifully stated above), I’d suggest considering The Troth. Of course, I’m more than a bit biased about that because I’ve had the chance to sit down for a beer with Diana Paxson, but I can tell you from direct experience they’ve got some good people doing very effective work. Another option to consider is Ar nDraioct Fein, which despite its “druid” name has a significant and well-respected Norse-focused contingent (again, I’m biased as all get-out, since I’m a member).

    Point being, don’t think for a minute that renouncing the AFA means disconnecting yourself from a wider heathen community. I suspect they gain members who don’t understand what they stand for who stay because they think they’ll be cut off from heathenry if they leave.

  5. Hey! One of my friends posted this blog post, and I just want to say that I am really glad that most Asatru tribes are making a most powerful effort to seperate yourselves from the AFA. I’m not Asatru personally, but I deeply respect your religious practices and your stories.

  6. Well said Thorin. Just as important, your points are right on the mark. I will be proud to stand beside you and yours in this.

  7. Thorin while I can only speak for myself at this time I stand with you.
    My kindred, WolfTree Kindred out of Laramie WY. will be meeting, discussing, & voting on what to do & what stand to take this weekend.
    We, as followers of this path, cannot let the views of the AFA taint our faith.

  8. The AFA is not the ones spreading hate and intolerance, they merely stated their views and have never tried to claim dominion over any non members. In fact the posts specifically say to each his own, but identifies what that means to the AFA. This ludicrous attempt to demonize a successful and productive organization for standing by their beliefs without imposing them on others is absurd. Practice what you preach, as it us the universalism who are angry and making the threats…

  9. The AFA somewhat contradicts its own past positions because you have McNallen stating in his own treatise, Metagenetics that “the gods leave calling cards in our DNA.” By that very logic, some people who as we say in anthropological circles who by phenotype may appear outwardly to be a person of color, but may in fact be comprised of my Caucasian DNA, such was the case she celebrities such as Halle Berry and Oprah had their DNA markers tested to find out who their ancestors were. And it turned out that they were more Caucasian than Black genetically. So, how we say that the gods won’t call to persons of color by “the calling cards in our DNA” logic? However, I think in terms of a middle road approach that heathens should still encourage everyone to explore the Pre-Christian traditions of the primary ethnic group they were born into before they make a final determination of faith. Some Native American tribes got so tired of non-natives plagerizing their culture that they started giving out materials about other ethnic groups Pre-Christian traditions to explore.

  10. If you have any respect for your own cultural heritage and you refuse to take a strong stance in defense of it, you are not worthy of this cultural inheritance. I stand with the AFA 100%. I am not a member, but it’s attacks by weak minded Marxist liberal “heathens” like you who are driving me to join up with them.

  11. I am Heathen (for now, unless what the term refers to changes to such a degree as to no longer encompass me; I have a few backup terms for that time). I am not Asatru, if for no other reason that I do not follow the Norse form. But if in the coming times the word Asatru is to dominantly refer to the AFA and related organizations, then all the more reason to deny myself that label.

    The world is changing. No, there is NOTHING you, I, nor ANYONE ELSE can do to stop it. It doesn’t matter how painful the transition process is, and has been, for some of us. To learn that a huge bulk of what we’ve grown up with turned out to either be lies or misunderstandings (at best), and that we have to unlearn many (if not most) of our most basic assumptions about how the world works, is a very painful process. I get it. Every day, I struggle with the feeling that the world around me, everything that I know and love, is slipping away into an uncertain, unpredictable, dangerous future. It’s really, REALLY scary.

    But you know what? If that world that brought me such joy and love was built around the systemic oppression and denial of several groups of people, then good riddance. Whether those oppressions are sourced in Christian doctrine or in pre-Christian attitudes, may they begone. Those who cannot adapt to the new times, however painful and scary it may be to accept that gender isn’t binary, that people can be sexually attracted to any, all, or none of them, and that language and culture can be (and in America of all places, SHOULD be) wholly independent of geographic urheimat, skull shape, or melanin count, are doomed to collectively fading into nothing more than a despised memory at best.

    Wyrd bið full aræd. Wyrd bið wended hearde. Wyrd bið swiþre þanne ænges mannes gehygd. Gæð a wyrd swa hio sceal.

  12. I don’t get this at all,
    first I lived under the UCMJ and I can’t remember it having a damn thing to do with equality.
    Second, the idea that you choose to identify as heathen instead of Asatru is baffling, when Asatru is the literally appropriate word for a follower of the Aesir and heathen is a derogatory term that can mean any type of pagan and is synonymous with being a savage. It’s like black people preferring to be called the N word instead of African American or something.
    Third, this sounds a lot more like a call for Liberal Fascism more then anything having to do with our religion, and really just makes me feel like its my duty to start supporting the AFA as it would seem they are the ones being attacked for their beliefs.

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