Josh - Founder, Writer, and Host

email tweetJosh is an occasional blogger with an appetite for beer and scotch. When he isn’t playing video games and eating pizza he is reading old books and cooking a poor mans 5-star meal. His least favorite thing is coming up with a brief paragraph on himself, how do you distill awesome in just three to five sentences? One day he hopes to open his own restaurant and offer snout to tail local cuisine, and good beer. While he tends towards Anglo-Saxon heathenry, the history and practices of all of the various European tribes has long been something that fascinated him, he may not know it all, but he knows when you’re doing it wrong…

Likes: Long walks on the beach, cold beer, and pirates.

Dislikes: Not having cookie crisps, bad coffee, and ninjas.

Lauren - Founder, Host, and Network Director

email tweetLauren is 2015-11-07 09.54.59 HDR-2a former radio host who is now a full time student/analyst for a marketing firm. She is the Chieftain and one of the founders of Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas. Her hobbies include gardening, knitting, fiber arts, and cooking. Reading is one of her passions, and audio books have allowed her to continue that now that her vision has diminished.  She is currently involved with the Accessible Heathenry Project and the Arkansas steward for the Troth. In 2013, Lauren married her best friend Jesse. They have two dogs, Edison and Lady, who are often seen on the show.

Her main focus in Heathenry is regional development of an Ozark tradition that fuses the Heathen worldview with the practicality of Ozark folk customs.

Thorin - Host and Writer

emailA heathen since 1999, Thorin is Chieftain of Cascadian Heathen tribe Stone Shore Forn Sed. An eternal apprentice in the world of blacksmithing, a journeyman brewer trying to become a professional and ever the master bullshitter, Thorin’s duties on the show include showing up every Wednesday and talking for ninety minutes, and successfully dodging every attempt Lauren makes to force him to do his share of the work.

Ben - Host, The Javamal


emailBen Waggoner is the author of 10 translations and current publications director for The Troth who has been studying Icelandic languages for over 10 years. He is a member of Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas, married to his gorgeous wife Mandy and has a lively son who is a born Thorsman. In his free time, he is a college professor.

Alvilldr - Host, SHEathenry

While stationed in Germany as a member of the US Air Force, Alvilldr in fägra found her way to the old gods. After a decade in Europe, exploring museums and historical sites, she earned her Master's degree in History, specializing in Late Antiquity and Early Medieval Europe. Alvilldr is the author of Sheathenry, Volume I: Ritual Practices of Modern Heathen Women and is the editor of Saga: A Journal by Heathen Women. She currently resides in Chattanooga, TN where she is a textile artist, teacher, and writer. 

Marc - Show Producer and Writer

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