This week on Heathen Talk, we are discussing what is happening in Heathenry in 2016! Lauren speaks about the Accessible Heathenry Project, Heathen Talk’s project to bring Heathen content to those with disabilities. We give you a first look at the plans for our blog and two new audio projects – The Audio Havamal and 5 minute Havamal.

We also talk about some upcoming events, including Trothmoot, Cascadia Moot, and Midwest Wintermoot. Do you have a Heathen event? Come list it on our calendar.

Finally, our new store is open, and we  have new models for Heathen Talk swag!


Posted by Lauren

Lauren is one of the hosts of Heathen Talk and holds the title of SHMBO of Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas. She prides herself on being able to leverage Heathen Talk into getting hired at her dream job.


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  1. Request for show suggestions granted: You could have a catchup with Karl Seigfried of, or interview Wardruna and maybe get them to make you some broodingly wonderful intro/outro music.

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