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Tonight we’re being invaded by Theodsmen! Brian Smith of White Marsh Þeod and Daniel Flores of Œþelland þeod join Josh, Toby, and Thorin to speak about Theodish Belief as well as comment on this growing branch of contemporary Heathenry.
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Lauren, who is technically on vacation, is filling in for Marc and will be passing along the best questions to the hosts and our guests. If you’d like to ask us questions, but cannot join the IRC, post here or tweet us @Heathen_Talk!
We also want to continue to thank Sam Flegal of Fateful Signs for his continued support of our show through the month of March. Sam’s new kickstarter project, “The Illustrated Havamal”, was funded within 36 hours! But never fear, if you still want to support him and get a copy you can now preorder at his website!
Thank you, Sam!
His website:

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