I wasn’t here for this one, but I was told by trusted sources that it was quite good.

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  1. Thanks for convincing me that a tribe is definitely something I will NOT pursue. Also why would open minded and rational people use the term “thrall”? Has HT tried to articulate the use of this choice word? Thanks.

      1. My objection to the use of “thrall” is based on the current and historical definition of the word. I enjoy HT and I have listened to most of the podcasts so I will enjoy going through the episodes I have missed. I started listening to HT around episode 1 or 2 and being on my own (tribe-less) I find it to be indispensable in my journey. Regardless if HT is doing it right or wrong, I appreciate it what you guys/gals are doing. Hail!

How are we doing it wrong?