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The Wild Hunt Shows That Proper Journalistic Ethics Is For Other People

I am very proud of our founder, Josh White. He has consistently shown maturity and courage in the face of pretty awful things said about and to him. He stood up for something that took courage, and continues to take courage to keep going on. Which is why when I see others attempting to steal the credit he deserves, I become agitated. Josh spoke up during the time when it…

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Why It’s Not the End of The World As We Know It

Time, Ragnarok, and Doom as a function of Wyrd and Orlæg As we have seen, Wyrd is an ever-becoming action, a way of interpreting cause and effect, action and reaction. Orlæg is a function Wyrd. It is the limits of what is possible within Wyrd, defining what possible shapes the pattern might take. Orlæg determines what is possible and impossible. There are questions, however, that challenge this interpretation of Wyrd…

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Why Animal Sacrifice?

To speak on the sacrifice of animals one must understand several key principles: The Gift Cycle, understanding Myth, and most importantly the concept of Causality that underpins all of Germanic metaphysics. Underlying those key principles are two themes that I have harped on before: precedence, and reciprocity. In this post I will attempt to explain the theological underpinnings behind the sacrificial act and to explore why, as part of the…

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