Volume 1: Ritual Practices of Modern Heathen Women

Part oral history, part ethnography, Sheathenry examines the personal ritual practices of modern Heathen women throughout North America and Europe.



A Stitch Out of Time


Clothing and Sculptures

Combining old and new fashion and techniques, this shop offers clothing and felted sculptures. New for Yule this year, A Stitch Out of Time offers Yule Tree Toppers with lights. 

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Beastman Caravan




Norse inspired leather work, including belts, bags, and other custom work.

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American Heathen Products



American Heathen is a product brand company of high quality, contemporary, unique, Heathen and Asatru accessories, jewelry, clothing, and more. I wanted to reach out to American Heathens and Asatru folks that are looking for something a little different and unique. Most of my products are all hand made by me, and all of my products are made by Heathens with Heathens in mind, although I'm happy to share my products with anyone. I am striving to create a brand that promotes a strong expression of Modern American Heathen and Asatru Culture and still maintain a sense of spirit and pride in traditionalism.

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TriFlame Creations



TriFlame Creations is a Heathen owned store that sells magically charged candles for ritual and spellwork. We also sell handmade gemstone necklaces and small drinking horns.


Beloved Viking Vinyl


This shop has vinyl letters to give you the hand painted look instantly. This works great on Walls, Glass Mirrors, Furniture, home decor, tablets, laptops, phones, and cars!

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Odin's Beard Woodworking






Dreams of Ýdalir

Inspired by the Norse gods, we are creating an illustrated novel that tells the story of Ullr, the Norse God of the Hunt. We also craft talismans, amulets and tea blends imbued with protective energy by the artists. We are a husband and wife team, both devotees of Wuldor/Ullr.

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WolfPack Crafts

I am a Heathen craftsman out of Derry, New Hampshire, and I center most of my work around woodburning and painting on wood mediums. I obtain most of my raw materials from eco-friendly sources and attempt to ensure that the natural beauty from which they were harvested shines through in the finished product. Much of what I create is Heathen-centric, but I also create pieces with other Pagan sects in mind.

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Custom Dog, Cat, Chiengora Yarn, handspun and hand dyed yarns, Handknit and handwoven baby blankets, hats, lap blankets, prayer shawls, placemats, shawls, scrapbooks, wraps, photo albums, scarves, stoles, cowls, mantles, comfort shawls, shoulder shawls, afghans, purses, bags, handsewn quilts, wreaths, plarn, angora rabbit fiber, nuno felting, newborn photography props, baby wraps, fiber artist supplies woven bowls and vintage items. Crafted with care, made especially for you! Don't see what your looking for? Customize!

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Little Gold Fox Designs

I am inspired by nature, folk art, and historic ornament. I try to highlight the magic of the natural world and our relationship with it. My designs, both traditional paper cuttings and illustrations, are printed on wood or paper and made into cards, bookmarks, and art prints. Some of my designs are also printed onto apparel.

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Balis Runa


"Hand-crafted items inspired by ancient faiths, all of nature, mythology, fantasy, archeology, history, anthropology... adding special beauty and comfort to the daily ups and downs of mundane life. Specializing in all things Nordic, Norse, Scandinavian, Germanic, Heathen, Asatru."